Adidas transforms its iconic Superstar into golf shoe

Figure 1: Adidas Superstar.

In celebration of its fiftieth anniversary, German sportswear giant Adidas has transformed its most sought-after classic ‘superstar’ into a full golf shoe with six clit outsoles. Since its first debut in 1970, Superstar has become a shoe that sets the style.

Figure 1: Adidas Superstar.

The bold three-striped light and the comfortable white sneaker is now ready for a stable footing at the tee off. The Golf Superstar remains unchanged in shape, style and comfort – Adidas has simply added spiked outsole to the soft and supportive making of all leather sneakers.

Golf is undoubtedly a stylish game that demands a lot of focus and fitness in execution. According to Adidas users can expect the same level of comfort (light and cozy), but the bonus of the cleats will help golfers “swing through every shot with surefooted traction”.

Figure 2: Spiked Adidas Golf Superstar.

Spiked Adidas Golf Superstars price is $130, about $50 higher than regular superstars, which usually retail for $85, and will be available from August 17.

Adidas has not revealed whether it will roll out more versions of its Golf Superstars, but considering the number of products these brands like to promote around the world, it will only be a matter of time before we see other pairs of spikes.

However, Adidas is not the first shoe brand to give golfers an exciting choice. Nike also launched very popularly Air Jordan for golf makeover, which dropped earlier this year.