APS Group develops antiviral and water repellent knit fabric to fight COVID-19


APS Group has developed an antiviral and anti-bacterial knit fabric that is considering a groundbreaking development for the whole world in this dire situation and also the developers can give an edge to the functional fashion industry.

Figure 1: APS Group has developed an antiviral and anti-bacterial knit fabric.

This year people of the world going through an unknown and critical situation due to the deadly virus COVID-19 which has been first found in China end of the last year.

Though peoples are coping up with the new-normal life, they are looking for more safeguards in regular life. This new development of APS Group can keep someone safe with fashion. Because of this special fabric, all kinds of cotton-based garments can be made, the company official said.

The company already developed a two-layered face-mask with this specially treated fabric. The specialty of this mask is the top layer has antiviral and anti-bacterial as well as water repellency properties (95-99%). Therefore, any water droplet cannot penetrate the top layer and the virus or bacteria get killed within a moment. The inner layer only has the water repellency property so that no droplets cannot go out after sneezing or during the conversation. That means the person in front of you is safe also you are! This mask is washable up to 20 times.

Figure 2: In collaboration with Zaber and Zubair (ZnZ) Fabrics Limited and APS Group have developed this antiviral and anti-bacterial knit fabric.

Swiss company HeiQ is the technology partner of this initiative. It is a unique combination of advanced silver and fatty spherical vesicle technologies. The silver delivers antiviral and antibacterial effect by attracting the oppositely charged viruses and binding permanently to their sulfur groups, while the vesicle works as a booster that helps to deplete the viral membrane in seconds, thereby destroying the virus.

This technology has gone through extensive Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) tests on the antiviral efficacy against a broad set of viruses, including the human coronavirus 229E. The tests have been performed by accredited Microbiotest (A division of Microbac Laboratories), USA.

The new technology has been tested against the coronavirus 229E in face mask testing and achieved a virus reduction of over 99.9%.

“Already we have applied for FDA and CE certification, hopefully, we will get the result within 7-10 days,” saying Hasib Uddin, Chairman of APS Group who is mainly leading this groundbreaking project.

“We have previous experience which encouraged us to do such development,” he further added.

Right now, another global big issue is dumping of the synthetic protective gear using for medical purposes or personally. In this context, fabric developed by APS is easy dumping thus environment also will be saved.

Already many USA and EU buyers have shown their interest in the company. Hasib Uddin said that initially they are targeting the European market and with their existing facility they can produce 15k-20k masks daily but it will be increased.

In collaboration with Zaber and Zubair (ZnZ) Fabrics Limited and APS Group have developed this antiviral and anti-bacterial knit fabric.

Zaber and Zubair (ZnZ) Fabrics Limited also launched a specially treated woven fabric on 14 May 2020 at their Dhaka office namely ‘Corona Block Fabric’ to fight COVID-19.

(For further technical clarifications mail to hasib@aps-group.org)