Casual wear becoming a bright spot during Covid-19 pandemic


Since the start of the pandemic, clothing companies from the high-end to the low have seen their sales reduction due to store closures and shoppers’ reluctance in spending on non-essential products.

Figure: Casual wear, activewear sales increasing globally during the Covid-19 pandemic. Courtesy:

But one category offered the industry something of a bright spot is clothing you can wear to work out or lounge in at home. It happens as countless gyms and offices were shut during the last few months.

Famous brands for sportswear or sweating and lounging said that their activewear sales roughly doubled in the last four months through June 30 compared to the same time last year.

One of them Asos, which sells workout clothes from the in-house line, launched in 2018 said its activewear sales increased, which wondered them. It also saw strong growth in sales of casual clothing and sneakers, helping its total sales to rise 10% over the period despite the pandemic. However, sales of evening dresses, formalwear, and day dresses all dropped.

According to Asos CEO Nick Beighton, they will have probably placed more orders for casual wear, more sportswear, more Face + Body.