Closed launched degradable stretch jeans

Figure: Courtesy: Collected

Closed launched the world’s first totally degradable stretch jeans. And, next to jeans, there are also jackets in this distinct capsule collection that are degradable. It is made for both women as men and are made of organic cotton and the world’s first biodegradable stretch yarn Coreva™, developed by the Italian denim mill Candiani.

Figure: Closed launched the world’s first totally degradable stretch jeans. Courtesy: Collected

But, there’s more innovation. On top of this, they replaced the buttons, studs with natural versions from cellulose origins. This means that the jeans and jackets can be naturally degraded in compost, without any microplastic residue or chemical emission. A revolution within the denim industry. And, also a milestone that brings Closed and Candiani towards a more sustainable denim future.

The Innovative Patented Coreva™ stretch yarn

The Candiani denim mill is a partner of Closed for over 14 years now. The innovative, patented stretch yarn Coreva™ by Candiani consists of natural rubber, a sustainable alternative to conventional stretch yarns which mostly consist of elastane or other petrochemical fibers that can take centuries to decompose and pollute the environment. Coreva™, on the other hand, decomposes after about six months on the compost without leaving any residue and is therefore much more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly hardware alternatives

To make the garments fully degradable, Closed used all kinds of eco-friendly alternatives to replace the zips and metal buttons that are replaced by vegetable corozo buttons dyed with indigo pigments of plant origin. The studs on all the garments are sewn on with unique Tencel™ thread, which is also used for all seams. The Closed brand logo does not appear on a leather patch this time, but it’s done with laser on these capsule garments. The labels within the collection consist of the degradable fabric Vinatur® and the care label of organic cotton.

Next to that, all the prints are made with natural pigments. All these components also decompose on the compost without leaving any residue, without harming the environment.

Hand-crafted in Italy

The Closed items are all hand-crafted in Italy in the usual high quality that is known of the brand. They’re all designed to last for years to come. In the production process, they used environmentally friendly dyeing and washing methods to save water, chemicals, and electricity. They are using these techniques since 2018 for a better and more sustainable approach in their denim line called ‘A Better Blue’.

Available capsule collection

The Closed capsule collection is coming with jeans fits for women, Gill und X-Lent, plus the jacket Twist. For men, the choice of fits is the X-Lent and Drop, and also a classic denim jacket. All these items are available from this Friday the 12th of February.