Danish brand Ganni gains B Corp certification with 90.6 points


Danish fashion brand Ganni has become the latest fashion brand to achieve B Corp certification, with 90.6 points and becoming the highest scoring contemporary fashion brand.

Figure: Ganni scored the most points from its work under the environment section with 29.1 points.

Across the five impact areas, Ganni scored the most points from its work under the environment section with 29.1 points, due to a sustained effort toward using certified organic, lower-impact and recycled fibers which are used for the majority of the brand’s collections.

According to the brand, the B Corp framework will be more flexible in the future so that these projects are included in future assessments, also it requires a rigorous application process involving over 300 questions regarding the business in five key impact areas- governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

Meanwhile, the brand aims to reach 150 B Corp points by 2025 through its carbon Insetting scheme, scaling innovative fabrics and championing circular business models.

Nicolaj Reffstrup, Founder of Ganni said, “I have been hoping for industry-wide auditing for years because sustainability initiatives are still largely unregulated. As long as our politicians keep proving they don’t have the guts to push the green agenda forward via legislation businesses are left to regulate themselves.”

Besides that, B Corp offers a tangible and transparent framework for keeping businesses accountable and setting industry benchmarks.

Becoming certified is a testament to all the team work continuously puts into this journey of becoming the most responsible version.