Devan’s antimicrobial technology achieved ‘2020 European Technology Innovation Leadership Award’

Devan-Antimicrobial-Technology -2020-European-Technology-Innovation-Leadership-Award

Research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized Devan Chemicals NV (Devan) with the 2020 European Technology Innovation Leadership Award. This award was based on Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the European antimicrobial technology for the textile market.

Devan-Antimicrobial-Technology -2020-European-Technology-Innovation-Leadership-Award
Figure: Devan’s antimicrobial technology aids the utmost concerning issues like the contamination of PPE and textiles.

Devan’s antimicrobial technology aids the utmost concerning issues like the contamination of PPE and textiles, including the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, viral transmissions, and hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Devan’s quat-silane technology, due to its non-migrating conduct, physically wounds the microorganism cell to terminate it without interfering with cell DNA. Remarkably, it eliminates the adverse effects of leaching antimicrobials while providing high efficiency in the range of 99.99% to 99.999%, even after numerous washes.

“By providing non-migrating antimicrobial technology for the textile industry, Devan plugs the safety and performance gaps inherent in current inorganic and organic antimicrobial agents. Its antimicrobial technology, unlike silver- or triclosan-based technology, comprises non-migrating monomers and prepolymers such as organo-functional silane,” said Monami Dey Industry Manager, Frost & Sullivan.

“The organo-silane polymers are covalently bonded and polymerized to the textile surface as a coating via padding, exhaust, and spraying techniques. The coating forms a non-leaching reactive surface and destroys the microbes on contact, without releasing harmful components into the environment,” Monami added.

Devan delivers its products under the trade name Bi-OME in three innovative variants: Bi-OMEAntiviral, Bi-OME Quick-Dry, and Bi-OME Stretch.


The Bi-OME Antiviral products, when applied on polyester or cotton fabric in a small concentration of 3 percent, reduce infectivity in the Coronavirus family by 99.59 percent on unwashed samples and 97.25 percent after multiple washes.

Newly published data from 3rd party tests have demonstrated a SARS-COV-2 virus reduction rate of 99,96% after 30 minutes and a wash resistance of 98,5% after 25 washes.

The Bi-OME Stretch combines the antimicrobial solution with elastic stretch properties so that even after multiple washes the fabric can return to the original state for best fit.

In the meantime, the Bi-OME Quick-Dry combines the antimicrobial solution with advanced moisture management properties, which allows odor control with faster evaporation to encourage quick cooling and comfort in sportswear.

Unlike disinfectants and alcohol-based gels, these solution attributes have noteworthy potential to decrease secondary bacterial or viral infections and provide improved hygiene, durability, and scent in textiles.

They can be used for both woven and non-woven applications such as sportswear, socks and underwear, towels, mattresses and pillows, aviation textiles, and even carpets and curtains. The technology can also be used in surgical drapes, sponges, linen, and hospital garments.

Significantly, Devan has a footprint in major textile hubs, with production units in Europe and the USA, and it works with major retailers to distribute its products across the globe.

“Devan is working towards sustainability and green chemistry. For example, its technology does not contain any harmful solvents such as formaldehyde or polychlorinated phenols and fulfills the regulatory obligations of the EU BPR,” stated Dey.

“Its commitment to promoting sustainability in textile finishes with a strong focus on GMO-free, kosher, as well as halal certifications, and recyclability has given the company an edge in launching new products at an accelerated pace to match customers’ most pressing concerns and demands.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the award to the company that has demonstrated uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies that deliver significant customer value.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.