FashionDx comes out with AI-based digital retail solution

Figure: FashionDx

A Chennai-based start-up — FashionDx — has come out with a solution to help retailers generate up to 25 percent of the store’s revenue from WhatsApp-based selection of merchandise using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-guided digital commerce ( They have revealed the solution at a time when fashion retailers are finding it difficult to attract customers to their shops due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Figure: FashionDx using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-guided digital commerce (

Fashion majors Indian Terrain of Chennai and Celio have employed the new model on a trial basis to see their conversion rate and revenue increase, even while walk-ins are at all-time lows. Recommendations are sent over WhatsApp, actual fulfillment and payment is done outside of’s power lies in the fusion of AI stylist, intelligent targeting, and hyper-local WhatsApp communication. The digital store first determines which loyalty customers are likely to buy based on purchase history. Then, the AI stylist recommends apparel and accessories based on the customer’s physical profile (like body type and complexion), and preferences.

Finally, sales representatives use this information to talk to the customer and enable the selection of merchandise over WhatsApp.

“The solution is future-ready because we continue to need new ways of doing business beyond the pandemic. In one store in Hyderabad, nearly 10 percent of the store’s total revenue during a month was attributed to the WhatsApp-based sale,” said Charath Narasimhan, CEO, Indian Terrain.