Gentrue’s new high-end, sustainable activewear line

Figure: Gentrue activewear achieves high performance while taking on environmental challenges. Courtesy: Collected

Recently Gentrue – a new line of high-end, clean, sustainable activewear featuring Activated Silk™ Technology. Gentrue combines revolutionary technology with luxurious fabrics to deliver a range of activewear that performs at the highest levels while directly taking on apparel sustainability challenges.

Figure: Gentrue activewear achieves high performance while taking on environmental challenges. Courtesy: Collected

At launch, the sustainable activewear line will be the first to leverage Activated Silk™ technology to replace harmful finishing chemicals traditionally used to deliver performance features in activewear. Gentrue’s mission is twofold: To prove you can deliver the highest-quality products in a more sustainable way, and to make the most immediate impact possible, today.

“With nearly two decades of experience in the activewear industry, I strongly believe it is possible to create high-performing apparel that looks and feels amazing while having a positive impact on the world,” said Oni Kai Auer, Brand Owner at Gentrue. Continuing to make immediate impacts on very specific, important sustainability issues is how we will continue to evolve the Gentrue brand.”

Gentrue partnered with Evolved By Nature – a green chemistry company and the first to make products out of natural silk protein – to create the new activewear line, which includes a legging, bra, tank, biker and rashguard. The line will be offered in a variety of 2021’s most coveted colors, with sizes ranging from XS to 4X.

Incorporating Activated Silk™ technology has shown up to a 71% improvement in sweat-wicking performance, and a 38.5% improvement in faster absorption and drying – demonstrating naturally-finished activewear can perform even better than chemically-treated apparel.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gentrue to bring Activated Silk™ technology to a new market with a great partner, collaborating on an industry-first line of athletic wear,” said Dr. Greg Altman, CEO and co-founder of Evolved By Nature. “Our alignment in spirit, ethos and values is a perfect fit and we are proud they selected Evolved By Nature to help create higher performance apparel through sustainable chemistry, resulting in a product that’s both good for the body and the environment.”

Activewear presents a unique challenge because the features that make it perform so well are usually chemically driven and undisclosed, including synthetic wicking agents that typically form the outermost layer of performance apparel. These petrochemicals represent just one class of carbon-intensive finishing agents made from oil and gas.  Reduced reliance on hidden finishing agents is one step in the progression towards more sustainable and circular fashion.

“By replacing these environmentally consequential agents with Activated Silk, which is just pure silk and water, the Gentrue line is a perfect place to deliver an all-natural performance solution and have an outsized impact,” said Dr. Altman.

Gentrue has additionally created its manufacturing process to increase its positive environmental impact in as many immediate ways as possible: less strenuous AATCC testing, random-cut digital printing, biodegradable packaging, a commitment shipping by sea over air freight, and a pre-order collection launch model.

The Gentrue X Evolved By Nature line of activewear is available for pre-order on beginning March 1, 2021.