H&M integrating wearable technology

Wearable Love by H&M Lab.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has put a general social distancing among people. Which is against human nature and after several months of lockdown and people are getting desperate to move out and socialize. Which is of course a matter of health concern with the possible transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

Figure: Wearable Love by H&M Lab.

Fashion leader H&M is developing a wearable technology at its H&M Lab in Germany –  its German innovation hub – partnered with Boltware, a Berlin-based wearable tech solutions company to develop ‘Wearable Love’ so the people can come close to each other.

‘Wearable Love’ a jean jacket equipped with flexible sensors and perceptible elements embedded into the shoulder areas. The sensors connect to H&M’s Wearable Love app via Bluetooth, so the wearer can transfer signals to the jacket that imitate the feeling of being touched.

Every jacket comes with a registration code for the app. After the wearer creates a profile, they can invite friends to connect via the app’s “Love Lists.” Friends and loved ones can create separate touch patterns that they can send to the wearer as a digital cue that they are thinking of them.

The Boltware device entails of a puck and a base, which function as a digital heart and brain for the clothing. The detachable puck is charged by a wireless charger and has a battery life of up to two weeks.

It is permanently integrated into the garment. The puck can be easily cropped onto different pieces of clothing.

Customers can sign up on a dedicated website for Wearable Love to receive additional info about the jacket’s release.