Inedit unveils neoStampa 9: New version of RIP Software


Inedit Software unveils neoStampa 9, the new cutting-edge version of the most popular RIP software for textile digital printing.

neoStampa 9 was born with the idea of facilitating the connectivity of complex workflows. Among its many new features, the most remarkable is the Queue Manager. With it the user will send the printing jobs to different printers in a heartbeat, reducing the job processing time and organizing the job queues like a PRO.


The new Queue Manager will apply the technology behind Inedit’s PRINT SERVER application, which will become the main ripping station inside neoStampa 9. It will be simply faster and easier to use.

Furthermore, neoStampa 9 includes an upgraded version of the Calibration Wizard, the renowned profiles application. The new Calibration Wizard will include a new linearization process which will generate more precise color curves.

Besides, it will come with an intuitive interface and even a 3D visualization of the profiles, for even better color management.

Finally, with neoStampa 9 it becomes even easier to connect with other textile tools. Thanks to the new QUICK PRINT panel, you will directly print designs from Adobe Photoshop®.

The QUICK PRINT panel is not only connected to Adobe Photoshop® but also to neoTextil and neoCatalog, to give the user full control over the textile workflow.

Compatible with the majority of digital printer brands, neoStampa has in recent years become the RIP Software of reference for digital textile printing. Thanks to its unique color management system, prints can be matched regardless of the media, inks and printer used.

Inèdit has yet to reveal the release date of neoStampa Delta, though, all the data is already accessible on its website, and there are also different ways of contacting those who want to try the software for free.