MIC technical function offers elasticity, comfort and wearability in creation of clothing


The continuous need for fabrics, yarns and accessories that meet the requirements of the sector and offer innovative alternatives is essential to create products that are fit for purpose.

Manifattura Italiana Cucirini spa is a manufacturer of sewing threads, with over 100 years’ experience in the textile industry.

Figure 1: Exté is the yarn created by MIC to offer elasticity, compactness and colour to garments.

Throughout its industrial history, the company has been able to develop specific products and treatments for the sportswear and swimwear sectors, offering yarns that allow finished garments to enjoy excellent elasticity, high or low hygroscopicity depending on requirements for controlled transpiration, protection, softness and bulkiness for seams serving the sportswear sector.

Elasticity, comfort and wearability

In sports knitwear it is essential to use materials that are comfortable but with technical characteristics that last over time. Exté is the yarn created by MIC to offer elasticity, compactness and colour to garments: composed of an elastomeric core covered with a 6.6 polyamide spiral, it is ideal for creating stretch garments that adapt to the body, allowing comfort and freedom of movement.

The inner elastomer guarantees long-lasting stretch and shrinkage, while the nylon spiral offers a soft hand to reduce irritation. The synthetic nature of these materials means they do not absorb liquids, allowing sweat to evaporate for constant thermoregulation.

Exté has been designed to achieve very fine fineness, and can also be used on 21-needle machines, and in combination with other raw materials, allowing the creation of tubular or seamless products on straight machines.

Soft and voluminous seams for gentle skin contact

Soft and durable seams are necessary in an environment where garments are subjected to constant stress and wear, together with the need for raw materials that promote perspiration and quick drying of sweat for a controlled body temperature.

For this reason Manifattura Italiana Cucirini has developed specific yarns for the sporting world such as MICRO, the polyester microfiber yarn, ELAN, textured continuous filament polyester, and LEAF TEX, modified polyamide yarn with accelerated biodegradability in an anaerobic environment.

Figure 2: The inner elastomer guarantees long-lasting stretch and shrinkage.

Polyester is a thermoplastic polymer that is very resistant to abrasion and wear; polyamide is also a synthetic polymer of the nylon family characterised by a particularly gentle touch on the skin. Both fibres have excellent elongation properties and reduced hygroscopicity and in the volumised form offered by MIC they cover the seams, favouring the production of comfortable and durable garments.

Health and Protection

The PFC-Free water repellent treatment, the antibacterial and anti-odour SAFE, and the REFLECT-MIC reflective yarn complete MIC’s range of services for the sports sector, offering protection from external agents and promoting physical activity in the service of health.