MyMicrobiome presents pioneering seal for Microbiome-friendly textiles

Dr. Kristin Neumann-MyMicrobiome

The science start-up MyMicrobiome introduced the world’s first seal for Microbiome-friendly textiles.

Dr. Kristin Neumann, Founder and CEO, MyMicrobiome said, “The enormous importance of the microbiome for people and their health is only slowly being recognised by the public at large. We have therefore made it our task to identify those substances and products that treat our human microbiome gently.”

Dr. Kristin Neumann-MyMicrobiome
Figure: Dr. Kristin Neumann, Founder and CEO, MyMicrobiome.

Many products damage the microbiome without realizing it, which can lead to chronic inflammation such as ‘maskne’ from medical masks or other skin diseases.

With the seal MyMicrobiome has developed, it can now for the first time label textiles, hygiene articles or face masks that have been shown in tests to leave the sensitive microbiome of the skin intact.

The team around PhD Kristin Neumann has previously licensed the world´s first and only Microbiome-friendly registered certification mark for cosmetics and skin ingredients, now expanding it for textiles.

Manufacturers and resellers may contact MyMicrobiome and have their textiles third party-tested. For the consumer the seal means easy recognition of Microbiome-friendly products. The seal is expected to be available from the fourth quarter of 2022.