Oeko-Tex’s ‘Made in Green’ demand increased by 108%


In 2020-2021 fiscal year, Oeko-Tex issued 5,840 certificates and labels for the Made in Green sustainability program. Growing at a 108% from the previous year, making it the association’s fastest-growing credential.


Made in Green is a traceable product mark for textiles and leather goods that approves an item has been checked for harmful substances. It also guarantees that a product was manufactured applying environmentally friendly procedures under socially responsible working conditions.

Georg Dieners, Secretary General, Oeko-Tex said, “The COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing supply chain issues have made us all painfully aware of how reliant we are on a global scale. Oeko-Tex, on the other hand, sees significant opportunity in these turbulent times.”

Oeko-Tex recently announced that its Carbon and Water Footprint Tool methodology has been approved by a third party and will be integrated into the Step by Oeko-Tex certification process in 2022. To ensure social and environmental conditions, this step encompasses all manufacturing facilities at all phases of processing.