Peuterey becomes Bluesign system partner


Italian brand Peuterey has become a Bluesign system partner. Peuterey has dedicated to meet the utmost sustainability standards, with respect to resource efficiency, environmental impact, health and safety at work, and customer protection.


The Bluesign Input Stream Management system removes the practice and discharge of unsafe chemicals along the production chain.

The Bluesign system is the most demanding standard existing in the textile industry, and embracing it means fulfilling these measures without compromising the functionality, quality, or design of the products.

Kutay Saritosun, Head of Marketing and Communication, Bluesign said, “We are thrilled to announce that leading Italian brand Peuterey decided to become a Bluesign System partner, showing their strong commitment to the responsible use of resources, responsible production, and responsible chemistry. We look forward to supporting Peuterey on their quest towards excellence in sustainable fashion.”

Francesca Lusini, President of Peuterey Group, said, “Attention to the environment and sustainability are the founding elements of our corporate genetic heritage. This is why we are committed every day to improving our environmental impact.”

“We invest in research and innovation to obtain concrete results and insert them into our production processes: we reduce the waste of energy and materials; we use alternative products, certified raw materials, and cutting-edge technologies. We select innovative and eco-sustainable yarns, fibres, fabrics, padding without compromising thermal performance, water repellency or durability,” Lusini added.

For a #betterfuture, Peuterey also pledges itself every day to put a stop to the irresponsible consumption of natural resources, reducing waste, as per the values of the circular economy.

Hence Peuterey Recycle project was initiated, that ingeniously rethinks the retrieval of archival materials, fetching scraps, accessories, padding, and fabrics back to life – 0% waste, 100% creativity.