Pre-Cleaner CL-X demonstrates excellent performance after launch

Figure: CL-X Customer in Turkey. Courtesy:

From the very beginning, the new pre-cleaner CL-X promised to be a gamechanger in the blowroom due to significantly increased productivity, lower energy consumption and excellent cleaning results. Shortly after launch, the CL-X proved to fulfill the above requirements in numerous customer applications – and is in high demand from all around the globe.

Figure 1: Trützschler CL-X Customer in Turkey. Courtesy: Trützschler

Voices from the market are enthusiastic about the new pre-cleaner: “Since the delivery of our CL-X in May, we have been very satisfied with its cleaning efficiency. We also see a big advantage in its usability – it is easy to handle even for employees with less experience which is a decisive factor in times of staff shortage and high staff costs. Automated processes simplify the handling immensely”, says this customer from China, for example.

He is processing 100-percent Xingjiang machine pick-up cotton which usually has a comparatively high trash content. The CL-X reliably pre-cleans this raw material and thus allows for the production of a high-quality carded ring yarn Ne 32.

“Against the background of rising costs for raw material, energy and personnel in China, the CL-X proved to be the right investment” is the customer’s conclusion.

Figure 2: CL-X Cleaning efficiency. Courtesy: Trützschler

Harald Schoepp, General Manager Trützschler Textile Machinery China adds: “The CL-X promises great potential in our market. We are pleased about the strong demand for this machine. Our customers are convinced by its efficiency and productivity. In many cases the CL-X can replace two pre-cleaners. This leads to space, time and cost savings.”

In other booming textile markets, such as Turkey, the CL-X is also gaining recognition rapidly.

“The CL-X has taken our blowroom to a whole new level: It reliably and gently removes coarse contaminants like seeds and stalks as well as small impurities at the same time with minimum loss of good fibers. Thus, we can meet the requirements of a high-quality end-product even better” says Mehmet Yilmaz, Business Manager at the company Biska from Turkey.

Figure 3: energy consumption. Courtesy: Trützschler

Biska, which is one of the leading yarn manufacturers in Turkey, is mainly committed to the manufacture of cotton and produces high-quality carded, combed, compact and slub yarns between Ne 6/1 to 100/1.

In the customer’s state-of-the-art spinning mill in Gaziantep, a total of four Trützschler blowroom lines, 42 cards and 22 draw frames manufacture 90 tons of cotton per day.

Biska and Trützschler started their long and successful partnership in the 1990s. As Trützschler solutions have never disappointed the customer, Yilmaz was pleased to have the first pre-cleaner CL-X installation worldwide. And he did not regret it – the results at Biska proved a three-times better cleaning efficiency compared with the current benchmark:

Figure 4: Christoph Weber, Managing Director Trützschler Spinning Turkey. Courtesy: Trützschler

Christoph Weber, Managing Director Trützschler Spinning Turkey, sums up:
“The extremely positive feedback from the market confirms that we have once again taken an important step towards future-oriented innovation with the CL-X. We have broken all previous order records in Turkey and are happy to provide our customers with the best solutions and services steadily.