Ralph Lauren partners with Snapchat for Bitmoji fashion attracting younger customers


Heritage brand Ralph Lauren has announced a ‘long-term partnership’ with Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat.

This partnership will allow Bitmoji users to dress their avatars in branded Ralph Lauren attires. Users can choose from a collection of 12 pieces, including a rugby shirt, a racing jacket and a double-breasted navy blazer.


The partnership will also include a 3D Bitmoji lens that shows users a Bitmoji wearing a Ralph Lauren dress with a ‘try now’ option to see the full collection.

This is also an opportunity for Snapchat to commercialize the technology, while people amid Covid-19 spending more time on mobile devices, allowing fashion brands to engage younger audiences.

According to chief digital officer for Ralph Lauren, Alice Delahunt, “Ralph Lauren’s esteemed reputation as a global leader in the luxurious fashion space and Snap’s incredible creative prowess and wide reach to a young customer, inspired us to discover ways to tell our brand stories, run social businesses and engage a new generation in an authentic and empowering way.”

“Fashion and beauty partners, especially now, are really enthusiastic and aggressive to find new ways to reach their fans, their customers” said Snap head of fashion and beauty Selby Drummond.


Bitmoji will also share metrics about collections and specific pieces, including top-performance costumes, with Ralph Lauren that will initially measure success by how many people use the Ralph Lauren X Bitmoji collection to dress their avatars.

Bitmoji CEO Ba Blackstock said that there is a big trend among users ‘twinning’ photos with their Bitmoji and post side by side photos, adding further that sometimes users dress up their avatars in ambitious attire and experiment with new looks through their Bitmoji.

Bitmoji has an incredibly wide demographic user base with people of all ages, mainly the Snapchat generation, while the number of daily active users of Snapchat is over 238 million.

It has reached 75 percent between the ages of 13 and 34 in United States. On average, more than 70 active users link their Bitmoji to their Snapchat account every day.