Sateri enhanced manufacturing standards with new R&D Innovation Centre

Courtesy: Sateri

Global leader in viscose rayon Sateri has enhanced a step further by establishing a new best-in-class manufacturing standards with a new R&D Innovation Centre. The $48 million multi-storey building centre is housed in a new located in Rizhao, Shandong, China, beside Sateri’s 20,000 tons per annum Lyocell production facility.

Figure: The $48 million multi-story building centre is housed in a new located in Rizhao, Shandong, China. Courtesy: Sateri

Initially, the centre’s activities will focus on laboratory tests for pulp selection, new and distinguished fibre product development, and quality and productivity improvements in Lyocell production. The centre will also explore next-generation textile fibre solutions and other related downstream innovation shortly.

Around 150 staff members will be involved in the centre’s work. These comprise R&D scientists, professionals with material science and chemical engineering expertise, and specialists in fibre technical, production and operations.

“My team and I are proud to be part of Sateri’s first major R&D Innovation Centre that consolidates our various competencies in one location. This facility will be the lynchpin of our innovation efforts. We are eager to achieve breakthroughs that will not only enhance Sateri’s existing products but also advance solutions in alternative cellulosic feedstock and closed-loop manufacturing. The company’s investment in this centre is founded on a strong culture of continuous improvement and part of its long-term commitment to create value,” said Tu Jian Zhong, Head of The Centre.

The centre recently hosted a visit by the vice governor of Shandong Province, Sun Ji Ye. Sun lauded the benefits of Lyocell fibre as a sustainable material for use in high-end fabrics, medical and other consumer products, and urged companies to leverage on technology to create value-added products to bolster China’s economic development.

Sateri is part of the RGE group of companies which has committed to investing $200 million to advance next-generation textile fibre innovation and technology. In addition to Lyocell, Sateri’s other environmentally sustainable products introduced this year include Finex, made from recycled textile waste, and StretchCosy in partnership with DuPont Sorona.