Shoppers and staffs of Zara Dundee gets emotional as store closed


Zara’s Dundee store in Scotland closed its curtain for the final time due to the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the fashion giant’s business on September 10. It is described as a major setback to Dunbee’s ailing high street and despite a petition of 1200 signatures to save Dundee’s Zara from closing.

Figure: Staff and shoppers gutted as Dundee fashion store closes its doors for final time. Courtesy: Collected

For the last 15 years, Zara’s store was a huge success. It was evident when Scotland eased strict lockdown measures, a big line of shoppers seen waiting outside Zara.

John Alexander, Dundee City Council leader said, “This is devastating for the high street and particularly for those who are going to be directly affected.

“It’s a reminder of how precarious things are for the retail sector, small or large and why all of us must do our best to support our local shops,” he added.

“Whilst Covid-19 is a huge part of the current problems, there has been a protracted decline on high streets across Scotland as a result of changed shopping habits for years now.”

Zara’s parent company said back in June that it will close as many as 1,200 stores globally as the clothing retailer attempts to boost online sales during the Covid-19 pandemic.