SUPERTIP: A game-changing new wire generation

Figure 1:

Truetzschler always explore new approaches to clothing that meet its customers’ constantly rising expectations. Truetzschler’s new SUPERTIP clothing generation is an exciting milestone in this never-ending process.

Figure: Truetzschler has developed a game-changing new clothing generation. It’s called SUPERTIP and is delivering impressive results for our TC 19i machines, as well as other cards and roller cards.

It was designed as part of a development project that targeted technological and process-related innovations for licker-in wires. Pilot Projects generated positive responses from the market – and convinced its teams to transfer this new development to other product groups, including the TC 19i.

By applying this technology together with its gap optimizer, Truetzschler was able to increase utilization times for the TC 19i by up to 35%.

On top of this, Truetzschler increased the intervals between service and maintenance checks, and the related reclothing requirements. When added together, this enables an estimated cost saving of up to 23 percent as shown in the image below.


Outstanding results for a wide range of models

The advantages of SUPERTIP can also be achieved with other card models, depending on the potential of the card generation. It can be used for all types of raw material and in a wide range of applications, including open-end yarn, combed yarn et cetera.

In fact, Truetzschler now offers the SUPERTIP clothing Generation for all cylinder clothings and card generations.

SUPERTIP has achieved similar results for Nonwovens, where the increased stability of the teeth leads to significantly prolonged utilization times. This is particularly evident in high-speed roller cards, especially on the doffer, worker and main cylinder.

Truetzschler teams presented information about SUPERTIP at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, and gave existing and potential new customers the chance to put it to the test. The positive Response confirmed that our new clothing generation is a major milestone for the card clothing business because SUPERTIP is superefficient, super reliable and super versatile – the name says it all.