Sustainable cardboard hangers by Frugi


UK based fashion brand Frugi has introduced sustainable cardboard hangers for its baby and childrenswear to cut plastic waste. Made from FSC certified 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable after usage in household paper recycling.

Figure: Frugi introduces cardboard hangers to reduce plastic waste.

Research showed that in the UK alone, annually a 100 million plastic hangers are waste after a single-use. Creating a global environmental headache.

These cardboard hangers are very strong and hard-wearing and precisely designed to grip all sizes of Frugi clothing from newborn up to age ten.

Cardboard hangers are attached with a reusable metal clip, so the hangers can securely clench bottom garments.

Simon Dowling, Commercial Director, Frugi says, “This is a game-changer in the textile and apparel industry that will expressively reduce single-use plastic hangers which are circulated each year. We are optimistic that other fashion brands will follow suit.”