Trützschler Card Clothing brand are on a rapid growth in India

Trützschler India’s Card Clothing

TCC, a brand operated by Trützschler India’s Card Clothing division. Today, more and more mills across India put their trust in products and services from TCC.

The rapid growth of this brand in the Indian market is a success story that started 10 years ago, when the local Trützschler team began manufacturing flat tops with imported pin-setting machines from their parent company in Germany.

Since then, they have gained a deep understanding of every aspect of manufacturing for card clothing.

Now, TCC is established as a complete manufacturer of metallic card clothing, stationary flats, flat tops, fillets and major accessories.

Trützschler India’s Card Clothing
Figure: TCC also provide wires for new generations of cards from other manufacturers, as well as for the entire range of innovative cards from Trützschler.

In addition, TCC also provide wires for new generations of cards from other manufacturers, as well as for the entire range of innovative cards from Trützschler.

They can now operate this business as an independent organization, under the overall TCC brand umbrella.

Their team provides a comprehensive range of technical support, sales consultation and Quick Audit.

This is a key success factor for their customers because card clothing is a critical process that requires very specific technical service expertise.

Pan India technical support to customers is being provided by Mr. V Karthikeyan and his competent team. This expert support – together with the outstanding level of service from the Sales team at ATE Enterprises Pvt Ltd – has made TCC a formidable player in the card clothing market in India, with superior products and services that give their customers a valuable competitive advantage.

Also, TCC brand offers a unique range of service options that have played a key role in their impressive growth in India.

This includes card clothing service stations that operate in stock yards within important textile hubs across India such as Coimbatore, Guntur, Chandigarh, Panipat and Ahmedabad.

Besides that, these centers are all equipped with the latest original equipment from Trützschler, like their own universal roller mounting machine, tops clipping machines as well as flat top and cylinder grinding machine.

On top of this, customers also value their “Service on Wheels” concept  the first service of its kind in India.

Trützschler has a fleet of vans that feature the latest re-sharpening equipment, and they drive these vans to visit mills across the country.

Along with that, experienced technicians then provide all necessary technical services at the customer’s site, and can also deliver products at the same time.

Our TCC team also offers a range of service contracts to help our customers get the maximum value from their card clothing processes.

Wire Management contracts, for example, cover service support from TCC experts throughout the entire product life cycle.

Besides that, their experienced technicians take care of clothing maintenance tasks at the right time and with the optimal frequency to maintain consistent quality and enhance the working life of the clothing.

Many mills in India value these contracts with TCC because it includes regular training programs for technical teams at the mill.

In this way, customers are able to enhance their knowledge of card clothing and achieve excellent sliver quality by establishing an optimized and systematic maintenance approach for the card clothing.

This combination of innovative products and fantastic technical service has driven TCC to become a popular provider for card clothing customers across India.

Also, their growth in this market is a powerful indication of the positive impact that they are able to make by working hand-in-hand with their customers as a true partner.

They are excited about the next steps on this growth path in India.