Why choose a Trützschler card clothing?

Trützschler Card Clothing offers a wide range of features that provide outstanding performance. This includes:

1. R&D expertise and close collaboration

  • 80 years of experience in developing clothing
  • Efficient development combined with the Trützschler card and roller card machines
  • Precision experiments in the Trützschler Nonwovens Technical Center in Germany

2. Top quality and service life through optimized material base and processing technology

3. Professional, responsive service team and a comprehensive offer of tools and accessories for daily maintenance

Unleashing the maximum potential

TCC offers more than 400 types of wires for every roller on the machine. Customers can select the best possible wire for their needs depending on the roller card configuration, the type of raw material that is being processed, the production rate and several other key process parameters.

When each clothing is correctly selected and well-matched, it is possible to achieve the best possible performance of the roller carding machine. And when each individual wire and every interaction between two rollers is perfect, customers are able to unleash the maximum potential of the roller card – and turn a common problem into a unique competitive advantage.