TSL Healthcare of Wigan increases mask production over 100mn per year

Figure: TSL Healthcare of Wigan produces mask to supply NHS and public
Figure: TSL Healthcare of Wigan produces mask to supply NHS and public.

TSL Healthcare of Wigan in Greater Manchester, has invested in machinery to start production of millions of face masks this month to supply the NHS, key staff and the public. The company is in the process of recruiting up to 50 staff after increasing production of personal protective equipment (PPE).

For medical companies, the company will manufacture surgical-grade masks as well as general purpose masks for wide public use, increasing its total production to more than 100 million per year. TSL mass production will enable purchasing organization to secure them almost at a half price of those being sourced from China.

The company have capacity to install four mask machine in its 15,000 square feet’s area which would increase its production up to 140 million per year.

“As a British company based in the North of England we are proud to be leading the charge in bringing face masks manufacture to the UK, providing vital PPE at a critical time for both the NHS and the country as a whole”, said TSL Chief Executive, Chris Patterson.

Patterson also said that they are proud to lead in the responsibility of bringing face mask production to the UK, delivering important PPEs at a critical time for both the NHS as a whole and the country as a whole.

According to Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, this is truly positive news for Greater Manchester, and is the result of the hard work of our PPE taskforce and their efforts to respond to the enormous health and logical challenges posed by the epidemic.

Tim Newns, chief executive of MIDAS, the city region’s inward investment agency Appreciated and proud of the great efforts of the Greater Manchester taskforce, which includes people from various public sector organizations working together to provide frontline staff with the important tools to get their work done safely.

Greater Manchester has now sourced more than 19 million pieces of PPE, including 7.8 million facemasks, and the availability of Facemask for the larger local is going to be important in equipping NHS and key staff in other sectors.