US’ Guess launches new Fall apparel collection

Guess_fall apparel collection

US’ Guess has announced the launch of the Fall 2022 apparel collection, which is exclusively distributed through Guess USA’s global partner, Slam Jam, serving select retailers worldwide.

Guess_fall apparel collection
Figure: US’ Guess has announced the launch of the Fall 2022 apparel collection.

Nicolai Marciano the Company’s director, Nicolai Marciano designed the apparel collection that is innovating and illuminating the Western American aesthetic, also brought photographer Eli Russell Linnetz for the re-envisioning of GUESS USA, the California-based sub-brand of GUESS.

This synergetic partnership creates a highly curated collection that taps into the rich Guess USA archive. Taking inspiration from one-offs discovered in the Guess atelier designed in the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s, none of these pieces were ever pushed into production, until now.

Marciano said, “Inspired by the American Iconography of early Guess campaigns, the collection is filled with pieces you would find at artisanal roadside boutiques in America. Distressed leathers, faded denim, sun-bleached furs, and hardware cracking with paint.”

Since its earliest marketing campaigns, Guess has championed the medium of photography which pioneered a new form of advertisement and branding.

ELI RUSSELL LINNETZ said, “GUESS has always used photography to tell amazing stories that not just sold clothing but an exciting attitude and energy.”

Linnetz’s vision is intrinsically infused with Americana energy and attitude.

Sometimes not even featuring any clothing, the iconic ads sold a lifestyle and the American dream — a prominent theme also found in the work of Linnetz.

All photography was personally executed by Linnetz, who lends his trained eye to document the brand’s FA22 campaign.