Valentino’s vaccinated hoodies to care WHO Covax program

Figure: Courtesy: Valentino

Valentino put ‘V’ logo on one of its black hoodie. Where V stands for ‘Vaccinated.’ Now a somewhat higher version of the sweatshirt will be available on Valentino’s website, with 100% of profits going to UNICEF to care its work with the World Health Organization’s Covax program, which is aiding to provide vaccine access to countries where it’s not extensively available.

Figure: Valentino put ‘V’ logo on one of its black hoodie. Where V stands for ‘Vaccinated.’  Courtesy: Valentino

The high demand from celebrities, to editors, and fashion stylists begging the brand to produce the sweatshirt.

Making this sweatshirt was not easy, mainly because Valentino nor the Creative Director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli made the sweatshirt in the first place.

Rather, the sweatshirt was fashioned by a Los Angeles-based company called Cloney whose sphere is putting their own spin on Los Angeles’s cultural references from fashion to celebrities and making graphics for T-shirts, sweats, and baseball caps.

And Piccioli decided to buy out the lasting stock. Piccioli then reached an agreement with Duke Christian George III, Founder, Cloney’s.

By the agreement, Valentino will now make the hoodies in its factories to its luxury standards. The final merchandise will have both logos and be a Valentino and Cloney collaboration.