Viyellatex kingpin David Hasanat receives ‘Visionary Leadership Award’ from bKash

Figure: Courtesy: Collected

Recently David Hasanat, Chairman of Viyellatex Group – an internationally recognized Bangladeshi apparel manufacturer – received the respected ‘Visionary Leadership Award’ from Bkash at a hotel in Dhaka.

Figure: David Hasanat, Chairman of Viyellatex Group receiving the respected ‘Visionary Leadership Award’ from Bkash. Courtesy: Collected

Viyellatex Group is the earliest company to use the Bkash service for payroll disbursement.

By using this service for all of its factories, Viyellatex Group transformed its apparel business.

Back in 2015, the payroll disbursement initiative started out as a small trial in one factory cutting floor with 300 workers and rapidly became a nationwide trend.

At present Bkash offers this service to over 1.1 million workers in the 4.2 million robust RMG workforce.

Besides disbursing salary, bKash is also constructing a sustainable ecosystem for the RMG sector.

Thus, RMG workers will be able to better manage their finances digitally by applying the salary received through bKash.

As part of it, bKash has already set up a fair price shop ‘Sulov Bazar’ at the factory premises where workers can buy daily necessities through bKash payment as well as avail special discounts.