YKK Shows innovative idea at Future Fabrics Expo

YKK Shows innovative idea

Zipper and fasteners manufacturer YKK focused on lowering its environmental impact since 1994, when it introduced Natulon, the first ever zipper made from recycled PET bottles and polyester remnants.

YKK Shows innovative idea
Figure: YKK is continuing to develop new innovative products by prioritizing resource efficiency, non-toxicity, biodegradability and recyclability for its designs.

Now as part of its long-term sustainability roadmap, YKK is continuing to develop new innovative products by prioritizing resource efficiency, non-toxicity, biodegradability and recyclability for its designs.

Such as zippers made from plant-based polyester, coconut buttons, and products made with nylon recycled from fishing nets, old carpets or industrial waste.

To showcase its future innovations, YKK presented its new products at this year’s Future Fabrics Expo, dedicated to sustainable, best-practice materials and innovations to inspire fashion brands and designers to be part of the movement galvanizing positive change for the future of fashion.

Meanwhile, YKK’s Sustainability Specialist Joao Matias and Showroom Manager Stefania Liberti said, “Sustainability is a high priority for the zipper and fasteners manufacturer, also innovations it presented at Future Fabrics, the importance of trade shows to showcase its products and the feedback it received from its customers.”

Investing in sustainable product R&D, low-impact manufacturing technologies and infrastructure are means for YKK to reach the targets set in its Sustainability Vision 2050, as well as the GHG reduction commitment of Science-based Targets.

Besically during the pandemic, YKK was unable to attend physical exhibitions, so they created new digital tools and meeting spaces to keep communication open and to showcase their latest innovations to their customers.

By connecting digitally is very valuable and convenient for their company and their customers, but the benefits are not the same as meeting face to face in a physical space.

For this, the Future Fabrics fair is an excellent opportunity for YKK to communicate their sustainable products and initiatives, and exist and potential customers the detailed information they seek to make the best design decisions.

During the fair, YKK presented nine items that meet the Future Fabrics strict criteria. They are:

  • VISLON® Natulon®
  • Metal zipper with Natulon® tape
  • Coconut buttons
  • Lyocell tape from Tencel fibres
  • Concealed zipper with Natulon® tape
  • Coil zipper with Natulon® tape (Chemically & Mechanically recycled)
  • Excella® zipper with Econyl® tape
  • VISLON® with GreenRise® tape

During this fair, Most of the visitors were seeking detailed information about raw material sourcing and certifications and asked about the latest developments and requests for bio-degradable products, regenerative materials and recyclable items that can contribute to a circular manufacturing system.

Future Fabrics is a melting pot of new ideas, inspiration, and potential solutions to drive a more sustainable industry, that can promote the right partnerships that lead to creating products with a purpose and to generating more awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion and innovation.